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SGC SDP Vision statement for 2022-23

The SGC School Development Plan runs from April 2022 until March 2023.  During this period, each member of the Leadership Team will implement a strategy to improve the school which seeks to work towards achieving the ‘Governors’ 2025 Vision’.  The SDP Vision Statement is an aspirational description of the school in the Summer Term of 2023, describing the impact we aspire for each strategy to make to the school.

1. All members of the Saint Gabriel’s Community understand that acting in accordance with ‘The SGC Way’ helps us achieve excellence in our learning, our conduct and our behaviour.        

(Eliezer Koramoa)

The ‘SGC Way’ embodies the values of the school using GRIP attributes to create a culture of high expectations, self-regulation and exemplary behaviour that defines the school community.  All stakeholders understand the common language of the SGC Way and how to demonstrate the principles outlined within it.  As a result, students show good learning habits and are well-mannered, thoughtful.  They understand the consequences of their actions and know how to resolve differences with other people.

2. SEN students make significant progress.  In their oral and written work, they show that they know and understand the ‘Big Ideas’ in each of their subjects.   As a consequence, they meet or exceed their targets at the end of each academic year and in their GCSE exams.

(Kay King)

SGC has established a whole school approach to SEN, which gives SEN students full access to the SGC ‘Big Ideas’ curriculum so they make good progress in all their subjects.  SGC ‘SEN Ten’ teaching strategies are used by every teacher to ensure quality first teaching in every lesson.  SEN staff support teachers to deliver SEN support plan strategies for every SEN student.  The SEN team works closely together with the pastoral team to ensure that students being sanctioned for poor behaviour receive SEN diagnosis and support which escalates as sanctions escalate.  The school’s respite centre EBEC forms part of SGC’s SEN providing a high quality intervention for students who would otherwise struggle to stay in a mainstream school.

3. SGC has an integrated curriculum so students understand how the ‘Big Ideas’ in each subject interconnect.     

(Bethan Tanner)

The SGC ‘Big Ideas’ curriculum has been reinforced with cross curricular links to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to learning.  Cross curricular projects have successfully been implemented during Black History Month, LGBT+ month and during ‘alternative learning’ weeks in the Summer Term. 

Cross curricular themes for Year 7 have been embedded across a number of subjects, so students learn Big Ideas across different disciplines. As a result, students understand how knowledge is linked across subjects and they have a greater understanding of the really important ideas which encompass human knowledge about the world.

4. The school ‘SGC Learner’ GRIP capabilities (Growth, Resilience, Independence, Preparation) are deeply embedded in all aspects of learning in the school.      

(Jamie Johnson)

Students leave SGC understanding how to learn new knowledge and skills fully and independently.  They understand the frame of mind that enables great learning and they know how to question effectively; how to communicate with precision, how to seek and receive feedback and how to work as a team. 

5. Teachers at Saint Gabriel's College understand what constitutes effective feedback and assessment helping their students know more and remember more.

(Rochelle Lascelles-Brown)

Our teaching and learning policies, systems and processes are aligned with the Big Ideas Curriculum resulting in clarity and consistency around expectations. Middle leaders are confident in monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning within their own subject areas and they secure consistent improvements and better outcomes. 

Teachers have worked together to revamp our marking and feedback systems so students receive clear and impactful feedback across the curriculum.

Teachers have successfully embedded low stakes testing into their lessons.  As a result, students are able to recall key knowledge as required and use technical vocabulary fluently.

6. Students at Saint Gabriel’s benefit from an enriching spiritual curriculum and a wide range of opportunities to take part in collective worship, giving them a clear understanding that leading a fulfilled, healthy life includes developing their spiritual lives.

(Fr Sebastian Harries)

Over the past year, we have devised an ‘mental health intent statement’ stating our objectives in supporting the mental health of members of our community.  We have also invested in professional training of staff members so they have strategies to maintain good mental health and are able to support students to do likewise.

Furthermore, we have devised a ‘mental health curriculum,’ delivered during PSHCE, Advisory time and across the curriculum.

As a result of this work, we aspire for our parents and carers and the wider community to see Saint Gabriel’s as a beacon of best practice in caring for the mental health of our staff and students.

7. Student and Staff Wellbeing has improved through the provision of healthier and tastier food

(Vinay Gupta)

Previously, our catering service worked with the same provider and cost plus framework for more than 10 years.  During the past year, these arrangements and the kitchen infrastructure have been reviewed and improved to provide better food and a better eating experience for students and staff. 

Our catering contract provision has also been reviewed and catering staff now have enhanced contracts improving their wellbeing and increasing their commitment to the school.  This has also contributed to the quality of service and food being provided to staff and students.

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