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We Will All Fulfil Our Unique, God-Given Potential

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Living Our Faith

At Saint Gabriel’s we believe that our faith shapes how we live our lives. Here are some of the ways in which our faith is lived out in action:

Our curriculum plan and extra-curricular activities are all shaped by our vision, that we will all fulfil our unique God-given potential.

Student welfare is a primary concern and our 2018 OFSTED report states that our ‘work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.’

In order to help our students have a sense of hope and aspiration for the future, we have a full time careers officer who can mentor each of our students help them discern their future plans.

Our students are encouraged to be courageous advocates for change in many of ways: our participation with London Citizens, volunteering in the local community, involvement with charities, and our Service to Others club are examples of this.

Saint Gabriel’s has a system of Restorative Justice which promotes Forgiveness and Reconciliation. This is part our Behaviour and our Exclusions Policy and allows students to get the chance to reflect on mistakes they have made, and seek restoration. Forgiveness and Reconciliation are explored as worthy ways of living in PSHE lessons and though Collective Worship.

The school is viewed as an exemplar in its approach to behaviour, inclusion and reconciliation by other local schools and London Citizens. SGC is helping London Citizens put together a training programme for governors of other schools in the local area.

Our PSHE curriculum has been developed so to help students with their character development by allowing them to express and critically reflect on their views, and encourage them to engage with core ethical and existential questions. Through PSHE students are able to learn more about healthy relationships and develop a good understanding of themselves and others, and grow emotionally and spiritually. It is structured on core themes that promote community and living well together.  St Gabriel’s in an inclusive school and LGTB+ education and provision is key to our identity as a school.

London Citizens Report

Saint Gabriel’s College is an active member of London Citizens. Each school year, students have been involved in Campaigns for social action and justice. We have an afterschool club with London Citizens which is dedicated to campaigning. Saint Gabriel’s have led the way with a Refugees-Welcome programme, and following this action won the award for London Citizens’ school of the year in 2017. Recently we have been involved in the campaign against childhood citizenship. Students regularly participate at Citizens assemblies where they are part of campaigns for a number of issues, including housing, clean air.  They have taken part in demonstrations and actions at the Houses of Parliament and at the Department for Education.

Latino Community

We have over a hundred (close to one fifth of the school population) students from Spanish speaking background that have English as an additional language (EAL).  In order to provide them with support, SGC has a full time EAL coordinator for raising achievement. Part of their role is to help students expand their horizons and have greater aspirations. They work closely with the students and their family. Here is some of the provision they are given: EAL lessons; support with understanding the British Education system; help registering with medical services and bank accounts. We have a Latin American Group for Girls to educate, empower and inspire, and and Latin American Group for Boys. Both regularly have inspiration speakers coming to talk to them. There are regular cultural visits and trips both in London and further afield. They are involved with the local community with links to Latin American Police Association, taking part in actions and demonstrations with London Citizens, talks on the local radio. The also have a link to British Latino Network, and the Baytree Centre in Brixton.  SGC has hosted some research projects by London universities, KCL and UCL.

International Links

We have a partner school in Sweden - the Viksjöskolan School. Staff and students have visited them in Sweden and we will be hosting their school council in the 2019-20 academic year. 

We also have a good link with the Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School, Ghana, and with clergy from their diocese - Asante Mampong.

Through SGC’s programmes staff have visited India, along with the charity ‘Christians Aware’.  We have an annual staff trip to Spain for staff to learn Spanish, and we also have a link with a Spanish school who have visited us to learn about British schools.

Black Lives Matter

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