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SDP Vision Statement

SGC SDP Vision Statement for 2018-19

The SGC School Development Plan runs from April 2018 until March 2019.  During this period, each member of the Leadership Team will implement a strategy to improve the school.  This SDP Vision Statement is an aspirational description of the school in the Summer Term of 2019, describing the impact each strategy will make to the school.

1. Achievement

Invest in a data management and reporting system that families understand and students and teachers can use to promote good progress.

At the heart of our SGC Commitment to Excellence is the desire for students to make continuous improvement in their learning. To this end, monitoring of progress data allows teachers and leaders to celebrate good progress and intervene swiftly when under performance occurs.

Student performance data at SGC is well supported by a data management system which allows staff time to focus on analysis and actions rather than data production.  Students and parents receive regular, timely and accurate reports which they use to make improvements in their learning.  The language of these reports is precise so that students can explain what they have achieved and what steps they need to take next.  As a result, they can explain the learning behaviours they need to demonstrate in order to achieve their goals.  Families are very happy with the information they receive and feel that they can engage with the school in supporting their children’s learning.

2. Key Stage 4 Raising Achievement

Embed a target setting system that raises student awareness of the SGC Step assessment system and individual learning goals.  The system will triangulate our current tracking process and promote good progress from our students.

Our achievement ethos at Saint Gabriel's is based on our school values. Our aim is for all students to commit to academic excellence, and in doing so make outstanding progress.

End of year target steps are issued to students at the beginning of each academic year and serve to motivate students to aspire for great achievement. The language of targets is transparent and accessible to students, so that they clearly understand what is expected of them in every subject. Target setting is embedded within our tracking system, working hand in hand with our monitoring and intervention processes. The tracking sticker on each students’ book enriches learning discussions within the classroom and supports individualised teacher marking and feedback. Students are proud of their progress and aim to achieve above their target step.

3. Key Stage 3 Raising Achievement

Raise the attainment of underachieving High prior attainment students at KS3.

Saint Gabriel’s College offers a bespoke curriculum to more able students at KS3 which fosters an aspirational culture in which they thrive.

Students are taught to develop their metacognitive skills so they are more resilient and self-regulating in their learning.  They are encouraged to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities that widens their experience and develops their social and cultural awareness. There is an embedded ethos of ‘commitment to excellence’ in which academic excellence is championed.

As a result, our most able students are ambitious, motivated learners who are achieving as they should be, so they have a strong foundation to build upon during Key Stage 4 and beyond.

4. Teaching and Learning

Build capacity for sustained improvements in teaching and learning by strengthening the foundations of effective classroom practice and streamlining our policies and procedures to support this.  

Saint Gabriel’s College is a professional learning community where all teachers challenge each other to be consistently excellent practitioners.  All teachers are clear on the basics of effective classroom practice and understand our key drivers in ensuring excellent outcomes: effective questioning, effective feedback and effective pace.  Teachers are skilled in using these to secure excellent teaching and learning.  Our teaching and learning policies, systems and processes are now aligned with these key drivers and this has resulted in clarity and consistency around expectations.  All leaders across the school prioritise these key drivers when having conversations with staff around their effectiveness and our revised monitoring and evaluation systems support this.  New staff joining the school, as well as trainee teachers, make rapid gains in securing strong teaching and learning as they are clear on our expectations and are clear that we have a positive culture of development, support and accountability.

Over the past year, all teachers have become highly effective in using the three key drivers to ensure that all students fulfill their God-given potential.  Middle leaders are now confident in monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning within their own departments and use the drivers to secure consistent improvements and better outcomes.  Teachers are confident that they are well-supported by all of their colleagues and expect their students to exceed national attainment and progress expectations as a result.

4. Behaviour and Inclusion

Streamline sanction system for clarity, consistency and efficiency (Monique Bertrand, VP for Behaviour and Inclusion)

At Saint Gabriel’s College, we are proud of our excellent standards of student conduct.  Staff are well trained and feel confident when implementing sanctions and tracking students behaviour and progress.   Our behaviour systems are well resourced, highly consistent and well understood by students and staff.  Our centralised detention system is the cornerstone of our school’s behaviour systems valued by students and staff, because it provides simplicity, consistency and transparency.

As a result of our centralised behaviour systems, teaching staff are able to concentrate on delivering high quality lessons and ensuring outstanding student progress.  Also, pastoral staff are able to monitor students who are finding it difficult to cope in school by devising effective individual behaviour support plans.

5. Leadership

Ensure that SGC staff members have the best possible career progression preparation by establishing a high quality Leadership succession programme

Saint Gabriel’s College has high-performing and motivated senior and middle leaders who are dedicated to delivering the school’s vision and living out the school’s values.  All senior and middle leaders model a commitment to continuously improving their professional practice by pursuing professional qualifications. 

Over the past year, the school has devised and implemented a high quality Leadership Succession Planning professional development programme.  All staff members in the school have access to a clearly defined pathway to ensure that they have access to the best possible training to achieve progression as a school leader or a highly skilled practitioner. 

As a result of this, there is high quality leadership capacity in the school.  The school has been successful in using this programme to retain and recruit colleagues who will be the successful school leaders of the future.

6. Curriculum

Develop a ‘cultural guarantee’ at Saint Gabriel’s College so that all students have a rich variety of cultural experiences.

Integral to the SGC value of Commitment to Excellence is the five year SGC Cultural Guarantee (CG).  All students are given the opportunity to engage with a cultural provision that is enriching, broad ranging and provides stimulating development experiences.

Clear, accessible and embedded systems are in place to track students’ progress towards Bronze, Silver and Gold CG awards.  Students at risk of not achieving the CG are identified and swift action is taken to get them back on track.  Staff members are incentivised to ensure that students achieve the CG and students are energised and excited by their progress towards achieving the CG.

Students, staff and parents are very appreciative of the CG and it has a high profile in the school.  All students at SGC have achieved the CG Bronze award, having attended at least one live performance, one exhibition, one educational visit outside of London and having displayed their own personal creativity.  Students are now actively working towards their CG Silver award, for which they access each of the previously named categories at least twice.