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Governors 2020 Vision

SGC Governing Board Vision for 2020

The following vision is an aspirational description of Saint Gabriel’s College in 2020 in the five areas, which The Governing Board have ascribed to be key development priorities from 2016 to 2020.

1. SGC is the school of first choice for parents in the local community

SGC has established a very good reputation in the local community.  The school has a high profile in South London and the name of Saint Gabriel’s College is well known to parents in Southwark and Lambeth.  The school has well-established relationships with the priority feeder schools named in its admissions policy and it is a popular choice for parents of children who attend these schools.  As a result of SGC’s strong reputation, it is oversubscribed in Year 7 2020 with a high number of Year 7 parents putting it as their first choice secondary school. 

2. The school has outstanding leadership and is financially secure for the future

SGC Governing Board and Senior Leadership work as a remarkable team to set and deliver a bold vision for the school, with clearly understood roles – skilled and committed governors modelling the school’s ethos and setting a challenging and visionary strategy, holding to account a high performing and well-motivated Leadership Team who, in turn, model exemplary behaviours to the school community.  Emerging opportunities are identified and seized, and risks properly evaluated and managed appropriately.  Middle leaders are empowered to develop their teams, innovate and ensure high levels of achievement, with the whole school community being active life-long learners.  All levels of leaders are sought out as mentors by schools locally and nationally. 

As a result of strongly improved student recruitment in the last two years, SGC is financially secure, with a stable staffing structure and strong financial forward planning.  A small surplus has been put aside this year.  This will be added to in future years to provide a contingency fund.  The improving financial position of the school has been achieved despite funding cuts as a result of the school losing split-site funding and a reduction in income provided by the national funding formulae.  The strength of the school’s financial position has enabled it to open a 6th form in 2019.  This will grow to 150 students in the next few years.

3. There are outstanding student outcomes

The school achieved Ofsted Outstanding in its 2018 inspection.  DfE progress measures show that it is in the top 2% of schools nationally for progress students make in their best 8 GCSEs.  Students achieve consistently highly across the curriculum with no areas of subject weakness or underperforming groups in any year group.  All members of the SGC community have high expectations of students.  An aspirational culture has been established, in which students expect to work hard and achieve highly.

The school provides excellent careers’ advice in all years with all students understanding the full range of career choices available to them.  All students leave SGC to go on to further education or high quality apprenticeships.  An increasing number of students gain places in prestigious universities and return to the school to motivate its current students. 

The new SGC 6th form is overwhelmingly the first choice of Year 11 SGC students.  Early indications are that students are making good progress in the 6th form, due to well trained teachers, meticulous planning and strong leadership.

4. Students have an excellent extra-curricular provision

The extra- curricular provision is enriching, broad ranging and provides development experiences for all year groups.  All students have access to excellent extended school supervision from 8am to 5pm.  As a result, students are mature, articulate, and self-confident.  They relate comfortably to children or adults whom they do not know, and make a positive impression on visitors to the school and members of the community.

Extra-curricular activities effectively develop students’ teamwork, confidence and preparation for life, as well as being fun and enjoyable.  All students take part in a full range of activities, benefiting from opportunities to access music, sport, creative activities and leadership development.   There is also an emphasis on citizenship engagement through programmes such as DofE and London Citizens.  In addition, all students have a rich variety of cultural experiences, including at least two residential trips from Years 7 to 11, and at least one day trip a term in each year group.  Strong links with partner schools in Sweden and Ghana have also been developed, including annual student visits.

5. Teaching is very high quality

The Governing Board of Saint Gabriel’s College strongly believe that consistent high quality teaching has a hugely beneficial impact on the life chances of students.  They have invested in ensuring that students have motivated, appreciated and well-remunerated teachers delivering top class lessons.  As a result, students learn successfully in a wide variety of learning styles and make rapid progress in all years, with no gaps in achievement between disadvantaged and other students.  As an Ofsted Outstanding school for teaching and learning, the school is becoming a beacon of best practice for schools with similar characteristics and beyond. 

The school is strongly committed to collaborative working with partner schools and higher education institutions.  It has developed strong partnerships, sharing resources, expertise and learning with other schools.  These partnerships have broadened the range of opportunities available to students and teachers in the school, ensuring that all areas of school life equal or surpass best practice nationally.