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Transition FAQs


What is the transition process?

  • When you are offered a place at Saint Gabriel’s College, we invite you to attend our Spring Concert before the end of the Spring term. This is an informal chance to meet some of the other Year 6 children who will be starting in September and their families.
  • In May there is an Information Meeting, when you can discuss the admissions forms and have an individual meeting with a senior member of staff.  We also invite your child to an Assessment Day.
  • In June there is a Transition Day when Year 6 children spend the day at Saint Gabriel's, and a Matriculation Evening where parents and children can meet their Head of Learning Community and Pastoral Officer.
  • In July there is a Saturday school for Year 6 children which takes place on three Saturdays. The children spend time getting to know their new class and find their way around the school, and prepare for learning at secondary school learning.
  • In the autumn term of Year 7, there is a residential trip to an activity centre to help the children bond with each other.

What is the uniform and where do I get it?

Information about the school uniform can be found here.

Who can I speak to if I'm worried about my child?

Every child is a member of a Learning Community (Blue, Green or Purple).  The first point of contact is your child's Advisor, Head of Learning Community, or Pastoral Officer, who are all linked to their Learning Community.

How does the school deal with bullying?

We are a small, friendly school, and instances of bullying.  However, in any institution of people there is a risk of bullying.  Students learn about bullying and are taught to report any instance of bullying, large or small, to a member of staff.  The school takes all accusations of bullying seriously, whether it takes place inside or outside school.  We investigate accusations of bullying to establish the facts of what happened; students are sanctioned accordingly and once the sanction has been served there is a restorative justice meeting to reconcile the students.



How will I make friends at secondary school?

We have a transition programme which helps you get to know the other new Year 7s, including a summer school, transition day and a residential in the autumn.

What clubs can I take part in?

We have a huge range of clubs from basketball to debating, music bands to drama, and all students are expected to take part in at least two after-school activities.  At the start of Year 7 you will be invited to a “Freshers Fair” where you can find out about all the clubs on offer.

Who should I speak to if I'm worried about something?

You can speak to your Advisor, your Head of Learning Community or your Pastoral Officer.

What happens if I find the work too hard?

If you are finding something too difficult, the best thing is to talk to your teacher of that subject. 

If you are worried about doing that, you can always talk to your Advisor, Head of Learning Community or Pastoral Officer, who will help you talk to the teacher.