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We Will All Fulfil Our Unique, God-Given Potential

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Home/ School Agreement

At Saint Gabriel’s College we are committed to ensuring that every child fulfills their unique, God-given potential. We require all students, parents and staff to sign a contract which outlines our expectations, policies and procedures.

The aims of the home-school agreement reflects our vision as a school to prepare students to realise their full potential based on our values of service to others, generosity of spirit and commitment to excellence.


"So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet." (John 13:14)
  • We are a community that is hospitable to students and staff of all languages, ethnicities and nationalities, those with special educational needs and disabilities and those who are LGBT.
  • We value everyone regardless of gender, race, beliefs, background or ability
  • We value working together in co-operation with each other
  • We value working together in co-operation with each other
As a Parent /Carer/Guardian As a student As a School

Support the Christian ethos of the school.


Ensure that any payments sought by the school in relation to lunch (e.g. Year 7 dining), trips, uniform and teaching materials will be made promptly and in full.


Inform the school immediately about absences and give the reasons for them either by telephone or in writing.


Ensure my child uses their phone at home responsibly by checking it regularly, and supporting the school if we confiscate the phone for social media misuse. Ensure your child is not using apps that are not appropriate for their age.

Look after the school’s equipment and the building.


Act in a friendly and supportive way to members of my peer group.


Never bring into school an offensive weapon or anything which might be used as an offensive weapon.


Take care of my body and mind so that I am ready for learning by eating sensibly, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.


Support the Christian Ethos of the school

Provide a safe and secure environment with an ethos where each child is valued and his/her potential developed to the full.


Provide a range of learning activities in lessons and beyond that encourage progress through a variety of rewards and sanctions.


Mark work in line with the school’s policy.


Enter your child for public examinations if he/she has met the service requirements.


Ensure that students understand how the school policies apply to them and provide boundaries that keep everyone safe so they can be secure to contribute to the school.


"While he was still far off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion; he ran and put his arms around him and kissed him." (Luke 15:20)
  • We welcome those of all family structures, of all socio-economic backgrounds and of all faiths and none.
  • We take care of our school
  • We treat everyone with equality, fairness and justice
  • We value everyone’s contribution, their dignity and self-esteem
As a Parent /Carer/Guardian As a student As a School

Read and act upon information sent home by the school.


Ensure that my child’s family responsibilities do not interfere with Enrichment and Extended Learning Sessions.


Help my child to see the value of taking part in activities beyond the classroom in order to develop their citizenship skills.


Ensure my child adheres to the ‘No Mobile Phone Policy’ and support the school with the seven-day confiscation sanction should the phone be seen or heard on the school site. If your child is in Y7 or Y8, ensure they adhere to the ‘No Smart Phone’ Policy and support the school with the seven-day confiscation sanction should they be found to be using a smart phone.


Not arrange holidays in school time.


Ensure your child attends all intervention.


To uphold the school’s behaviour policy by supporting the consequences set out in the policy in response to negative behaviour and actions.


To ensure your child attends all arranged alternative provisions

Support the Christian ethos of the school.


Take good care of all equipment and books issued or loaned by the school.


Be prepared to resolve difficulties and disputes in a calm and courteous manner.  


To uphold British Values by respecting other people’s culture, race, feelings, beliefs and values.


Attend Saturday detentions if given.


Attend school assemblies, religious education and church services.


Adhere to the school’s anti-bullying policies and charter created by my peers.

Get to know each student as an individual and recognise and celebrate the achievement of your child.


Listen to parents’ and students’ concerns fairly and sympathetically,


Provide more focused support, as resources allow, seeking extra advice where necessary, where it is found that additional special educational need is apparent.


Provide opportunities for your child to develop their talents further through extra-curricular activities.


“In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people.” (Colossians 3:23)
  • We work hard and strive to be successful
  • We take care of our work and the work of others
  • We value a safe, healthy and clean environment
  • We move safely around school
  • We accept that each of us has rights and responsibilities
As a Parent /Carer/Guardian As a student As a School

I will support the school’s literacy and numeracy initiatives, by ensuring my child completes independent work at home.


Make sure that my child attends school regularly, punctually, in full school uniform and not wearing jewellery other than those specified in the school’s regulations.


Make sure that my child arrives at school every day properly equipped for each lesson.


Inform the school as soon as possible about any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s ability to commit to excellence.


Support the school’s policies and guidelines for establishing and maintaining good behaviour for learning the’ SGC WAY’.


Attend Parents’ /Guardians’/Carers and students consultation meetings and any other meetings to discuss my child’s progress.

I will attend school every day in full school uniform and be punctual to school and lessons.


Bring the required equipment each day.


Behave according to the school’s Behaviour Policy so that other students’ learning, as well as my own, is never interrupted.


Behave well on my way to and from school at all times, and to do my best to ensure I maintain the good reputation of the school.


Respond immediately to instructions given by any member of the staff.


Complete all homework and any other form of independent work to a high standard.


Participate in activities beyond the classroom in order to develop my citizenship skills.

Provide high quality lessons which engages, stretches and challenges all students, irrespective of their starting point to achieve their full potential.


Communicate the school’s expectations clearly and regularly to parents and students.


Support the Christian ethos of the school.


Give regular information to parents regarding your child’s progress, through reports and Parents’/ Guardians’/Carer and students ‘meetings as well as messages home via Parent Mail and in Planners.